Reinventing Retirement Benefit Consulting, Realizing Results

SRG's Performance Index Benchmarking System can help you solve some of these typical challenges

What we benchmark What questions it answers
Plan DesignDoes the retirement plan design reflect changes in the workforce and in management philosophy since it was established?
Fiduciary governanceAm I meeting my fiduciary obligations?
InvestmentsAm I providing the right mix and quality of investment choices?
Target Date Investment OptionIs the qualified default investment alternative (QDIA) meeting the needs of my employees?
Stable Value and Guaranteed OptionsWhat is the quality, structure and rate sensitivity of the plan’s stable value option?
Asset allocationAre participants properly diversified?
Participant  behaviorIs the plan driving the desired participant behavior?
Vendor servicesIs my service provider providing the services I need to efficiently administer the plan?
Plan expensesDo your service providers deliver the right amount of value for the cost?
Retirement healthHow do I define success in my retirement plan?