Reinventing Retirement Benefit Consulting, Realizing Results

Plan Design & Optimization

SRG can help you identify and solve for issues before they arise with our 3-Step Peer Benchmarking Service, which includes:

Step 1:Comprehensive Peer Benchmarking of all plan features against up to 10 competitors, Best Practices, and national and regional assessments

Step 2:Analyze results and work with you to prioritize plan features, including:

  • Impact of design on participant behavior
  • Snap shot of retirement adequacy
  • Impact of legislative updates

Step 3:Develop strategy to optimize your plan, including ongoing and meaningful measurement

The Result:  A tailored strategy designed with a custom mix of plan features and investment choices that improve the overall value of your plan and the investment opportunities for your employees.

"Our goal is to make this process as simple for the client as possible, yet deliver high impact insights." - Dan Casella, SRG Senior Consultant