Reinventing Retirement Benefit Consulting, Realizing Results


A Powerful Tool for Building Better Plans

  • Is your retirement plan meeting the goals and needs of your company and its employees?
  • Are you getting the most value for the cost?
  • Does your plan measure up to Industry Best Practices?

SRG can answer those questions and more with our exclusive Performance Index Benchmarking System, and drive immediate, measurable plan improvement and performance while reducing your risk, as Plan Sponsor.

SRG's successful Performance Index Benchmarking System is:


Plans are compared in terms of participant demographics, fees paid and plan design metrics, so that analysis is based on real data, not opinions.


We examine every aspect of the plan from fees paid to participant success measures.


Benchmarking develops a framework for understanding and applying best practices, as well as identifying areas where value received from providers may be improved.

The Result: Our exclusive Report to Management, which includes a custom analysis of the benchmarking results and actionable insights and recommendations to optimize your retirement program. More than just hard data, with SRG’s implementation support, the Report serves as a guidepost as we help you develop a strategy to implement the recommended changes and assist you through the process.

Benchmark Against Excellence, Not the Average

We don’t believe in average results, so why would we benchmark against the average? Through our exclusive Performance Index Benchmarking System, we benchmark all aspects of your plan against a higher standard, which includes:

  • Up to 10 competitors in your sector
  • Industry best practices
  • National and regional assessments
  • Our award-winning clients

Finding the “New” Right Approach

SRG’s proprietary Performance Index Benchmarking System provides in-depth specialized skillfulness to address the unique needs, challenges and requirements faced by Plan Sponsors in a variety of not-for-profit and corporate sectors. The optimal 403(b) and DB retirement benefit plan may need to account for specific drivers such as:

  • Multiple plans, multiple providers, legacy providers and platforms
  • Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures
  • Varying board level of influence
  • Diverse employee and stakeholder demographics

…requiring a NEW approach to benchmarking.

In today’s new world of retirement, Plan Sponsors need more, including skillfulness on managing fiduciary responsibilities, termination strategy for DB Plans, selecting the right target date investment options, QDIA, understanding fees and improving participant engagement and investment results.

Contact us and let SRG’s industry experience and Performance Index Benchmarking System help improve the performance of your plan.

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